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how to go to Balabalagan Archipelago (Bala-balakang) on Makassar strait

What is Balabalagan ?      Balabalagan is a small archipelago which known consists eleven habitant islands, many unhabitant islands and sanbanks on Makassar Strait. Balabalagan well known as Bala-Balakang Archipelago.      Habitant islands are Saboyang island, Salissingan Island, durian island, Samataha Island, Popongan Island, Big Malamber Island, lamudaan island, labia island, seloang island, ambo island, and sabakattang island.      The nearest island from coastal grogot city are salissingan and durian island. The nearest island from coastal balikpapan city is sabakattang island. The nearest island from coastal west sulawesi province is ambo island. How to go to Balabalagan ? There is three start point to go to balabalagan.      If you were on Balikpapan City, you can find and rents some fishermans ships on "kampung baru" area to get you go to Balabalagan. Estimately need 8-15 hours sailing with the fisherman ship. It depend on height of sea waves (high surf) and ship speed cap…